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Bare: A Pop Opera
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This is a community for BARE: A POP OPERA...the new off broadway hit. If you like the show or the actors or just want to know more about it, this is the place to be!

Feel free to post anything relevent to the musical, icons, fic, reviews, interviews etc...

RULES: Please READ!!

1. No bashing of any kind. We are all here for fun, please lets keep it that way. This goes for bashing the show or actors. Saying you don't like a character is fine, but please don't bash the actor behind the character. Criticism is fine, but no out and out bashing. Anyone bashing members or actors will be banned from this community.

2. Please refrain from posting banners and links to get you points on The Barees.com This gets old fast! Sorry to be a spoil sport, but this is a place to come and talk about BARE, not getting points! These posts will get deleted!

3. If posting Icons, please put behind an lj-cut if you post more than 3. Also if posting quizzes, large images, fanfics, long reviews etc...anything that's large or would take up a lot of space on people's friends pages put behind an lj-cut!

4. Spoilers MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST be put behind and lj-cut. We don't want to ruin this wonderful show for anyone who hasn't seen it. Make it clear that there are spoilers behind the cut and that anyone who doesn't wanna be spoiled should stay away! This rule will be enforced! If i see spoilers not behind a cut the post will be deleted!

5. NO BOOTLEG TALK! It's illegal and could get us in trouble. Please refrain from discussing trading or requesting bootlegs on this community. All posts violating this will be deleted on sight!

6. Please refrain from requesting graphics to be made. If you want something made look below for LJ users who would be happy to help! However, posting stuff you've made, icons, lj layouts, wallpapers etc is perfectly fine...I love seeing what you creative people come up with!

7. Most of all HAVE FUN!!

All rules are subject to change at my discression...as the community grows i may be forced to add new rules.

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