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Bare awesome start page..

So I'm not sure how many people know about Google's feature the awesome start page(that is literally what its called) well its basicly where you can choose your home page from sooo many different ones..and they've got things like TV shows,movies, music, and video games! 

Well they have a request list..and you just put in a request for what you want. Well guess what?! Bare is on the list. And itsn't the last in the music request section..acutally its in like the 4th collum! And so if people send in their request they'll create a Bare start page. Wouldn't that be awesome? 

They did one for RENT..they could easily do one for Bare! ^^ 

SO! To get to my point. (besides the awesome fact that Bare is on the list) go here then go to the request list..fill out the tiny form. I put "Bare A Pop Opera" and that's what shows up on the list...but you can only submit your request for one certain thing once a day or something like that. So also spread the word and get others to request Bare! 

Also I hope everybody's ordered the album!  
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