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New Jersey Bare

Who Saw it? I had the amazing privlage of seeing it twice, and it was amazing... so much more them I expected it to be... The cast brought so much more realism to the characters.. is that a word? whatever, they made them into much more realistic people.. not just characters, but people you would believe you knew... some of the more emotionaly moments sent shivers down my spine... And the direction made so much more sence... Not that I don't love the NY cast and direction, I do, but alot of the Jersey elements just made more sense. Epiphany, Portrait of a Girl, 911! Emergency, Rolling, One, and One Voice were true examples of the brilliant combination of spacing, direction, and coreography... the audience was, in more ways then one, part of the experience.

They were so amazing in fact, then when I went back, I made several of them dolls. this was some of the nicest group of people I've ever met... my best experience with a cast ever.

Elizabeth Froio - Tanya
Anthony Cantalupo - Director... sorry it's blurry...
Ryan Goodale - Garret
Jared Picone - Peter
Andrea Brooks - Nadia
Donna Missal - Ivy
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