Maddie--Intelligent Porn (kalaidascopeeye) wrote in bareopera,
Maddie--Intelligent Porn

So....friending meme, anyone?

Good afternoon, my fellow Barees! I thought that this community would be getting a little more active with the upcoming production and everything else that's going on, but I'm afraid that isn't the case. So I thought to myself, "Self, how can we liven up the Bare community?"

So here I am with the proposition of a Bare Friending Meme, so that those of us who don't already know each other can get to know each other, and we can collectively squee about the wonder that is Bare: A Pop Opera.

Zee Questions

Part One: General Stuff
1. How did you first get into Bare?
2. Which incarnation of Bare were you first introduced to? (LA, NYC casts)
3. What exactly attracted you to Bare--the storyline, the fantabulous score, the idea of Michael Arden and John Hill making out, or something entirely different?

Part Two: Fandomy
1. Favorite/least favorite character and why?
2. Favorite/least favorite pairing (canon or fanon) and why?
3. Favorite/least favorite song and why?
4. Do you read/write Bare fanfiction?
5. Do you draw Bare fanart?
6. The NYC cast--perfection? Or do you have a different dream cast?

Part Three: Miscellaneous
1. What are your other favorite shows, as you are undoubtedly a Broadway nut?
2. Outside of the realm of theater, what are your other fandoms?
3. Any last words?

I'll fill mine out in the comments. Get memeing, guys :D
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