Judy Turner (rideonthe_rush) wrote in bareopera,
Judy Turner


Apparently there's going to be a production in New Jersey in August and September then soon after rights are being released.  Just thought ypou'd all like to know.
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already got tickets =D
you suck. I still love you, but you suck. Heh.

Would so being going to this if I wasn't approximately a bajillion hours away.
Got a car? ;]

Deleted comment

As in, you're on the presale list or have they contacted you already?
Is there any word on the casting?
really? what theater?
omg! that's amazing! it'll be weird to see a different cast (i was lucky enough to see the ny show) since i never thought i'd see a new one... but OMG! i just wish i'd known about the auditions!

thanks for the info!
Thanks for pimping it. =)

I put new info on the page when I get it.
where in Jersey?!
ok i found it.
The rights have already been released. That's probably why there's going to be a production in Jersey. You can go to www.theatricalrights.com to get info on the show, as well as information on obtaining an amateur or professional license and a perusal package with a CD for it.